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The Netflix Show You Should Be Binge-Watching



Gear up! There’s a storm of ingenuity and inspiration headed your way!

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” said Albert Einstein. John F. Kennedy talked about the eternal lifespan of a creative thought, and said something along the same lines – “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.

Which begs the question, what is ‘design’ anyway? A debate that has go on for decades, it’s a field that is rather underestimated if not flat-out marginalized work, design is not merely an exercise in superficial aesthetics or styling, as the public may be inclined to assume. It is a far more complex and serious matter of solving various problems and shaping user experience, driven by a unique approach to world at macro and micro-level.

The show ‘Abstract’ answers this question and a lot of others with effortless ease and simplicity. It takes you on a journey from the start of an idea, through the evolution of creative processes, across troubling waters of problems faced, till the final birth of the outcome. What most people don’t see is the compulsive hard choices made, all the mistakes tediously fixed, the numerous obstacles overcome to fabricate the deceptively simple end result. Why, because every designer everywhere will only find pride in his best work, and perfection takes a helluva lot of sweat, blood and tears, but it’s well worth in the end. Most of us are perfectionists – we’re simply never happy with what we do – so we toil endlessly till the subject either matches the idea in our heads or exceeds expectations.

With 8 episodes, each profiling a different designer, the show is a pleasant mix of excitement, fun, inspiration and boundless imagination. The show subtly puts across a fact we designers have known for only too long – yes you guessed it, that Design is totally cool and, apparently, pretty chic and glamorous. Abstract gives the regular viewer a creative outlook at the smorgasbord of the aesthetic that frames the look and feel of our culture. It includes different perceptions of artists from all walks of life – from architects, painters, sculptors, engineers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, to directors, actors, musicians, dancers and more.

An interesting collection of genius-celebrity profiles observe, explore and depict “the art of design” which makes for some solid weekend entertainment. To know more, we highly recommend you get on your iPad or laptop and download the entire season!