The Story of Limited Edition

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The Story of Limited Edition

Bright colours, one of a kind logos, art inspirations from around the world, an assortment of whacky characters and ingenious discussions flood our workplace haven. Anything design-oriented, we have the solution! We, at Limited Edition, love bringing life to whacky, fun and artistic creatives, infusing excitement into our branding and personalised works and turning the tables on the ordinary!

Genius is as genius does, and in an office full of smartasses and chirpy voices, creativity is sure to be in full force! And our task force is legit one-of-a-kind! Laughter, epic one-liners, blasting alt-J from one corner, LIT Star Wars references, FRIENDS quotes, cute dog GIFs from the other corner and a universal love of food are what you’ll walk into if you step into our Territory of Awesomeness!

We adore stories as much as the next person, and we help you tell yours in an elegant, chic and original way that stands out. Limited Edition’s forte lies in conceptualising and creating attractive, timeless and lovable advertisement campaigns, personalised stationery, posters, invites, giftboxes, decor, corporate creatives, packaging, branding, web design, print and social media collaterals.

We love some of the questions our clients ask us like why are we limited edition, or why we started this when we could be doing something else, or what we plan on accomplishing, or just for our WIFI password. Yes, we have actual degrees in Design, Architecture, Engineering, Commerce and Food Processing, but yeah we would also pass the Drinking Test with flying colours, mind you.

By thoroughly knowing your personality, the designs we deliver are in sync with who you are, what you want to say, and the impact you wish to create. We aim to leave a mark on the graphic design scene by indulging in our bright, edgy styling that enhances your voice and ideas, striking that balance between classy and path-breaking design. We love the minimal approach as much as we love bling! So prepare to be dazzled witless from the first encounter!

Our co-founders, Natasha Goenka and Payal Bhansali, both graduates of MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai, went on to further their studies in Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Singapore. Armed with a masters degree and quality work experience in the design field, the two close friends decided it was time to start their own venture. And thus Limited Edition was born from like minds – a recipe meant for greatness from the very beginning.

A showcase of our brand, our work is truly limited edition pieces created with a lot of blood, sweat, tears and love for art and design. A few family occasions where they worked on the invites, decor and takeaways, bonded the duo – Payal and Natasha – and they realised that their styles and work ethic were in sync as more than just friends, as a solid team.

A graphic design based company, Limited Edition was co-founded in 2015 and over these two years has grown into a fully fledged design firm. For the love of everything creative and artistic, Limited Edition is the answer to all your design needs. An eclectic mix of pop and quirky with a dash of charm, the design house is known for its unique twist on the traditional and modern.

So if you want something designed and you have a vague idea or are blank, come to us, we’ll sort you out, inject you with a dose of amusement for the day and deliver your jazzed out solutions within the week or longer depending on the project. Things to note, we love doing revisions, we love anything even remotely design-related, we love dogs and most of all we love chocolate, so if you come bearing gifts, you’ll receive the whole red carpet treatment!