Alliance Granimarmo Pvt Ltd

Collaterals Created:

Coffee Table Book, Wall-Paper, Hoardings, Brochure, Calendar and Social Media

The Challenge:

Alliance Granimarmo has been involved in mining, exporting and installing premium granite and marble to nearly 30 countries around the world. Being a superior marble brand, our challenge was to target both top architects and interior designers across India, as well as reach out to owners of residential and commercial spaces and through our branding, educate them about the marble and granite industry in depth.

Our Approach:

Our visual appeal to this brand was kept minimal and clean. Our main objective was to create brand awareness. We wanted to showcase to the audience the different aspects of marble making and make them feel involved in the process.

What We Delivered:

We designed a detailed Coffee Table book to educate the customer about the company- the factories, the mining process and the different types of marbles they procured. The look and feel of the book as well as the print quality was done keeping in mind the premium target audience. We also designed a 6-page brochure which is a smaller version of the expansive Coffee Table book. The Alliance Social Media plan was in tandem with the brand awareness approach and was divided into different buckets covering the process, the products and the different projects that the brand has handled.

The Result:

The collaterals created for Alliance elevated the brand as a whole and made people aware of the working of the marble and granite market, urging them to invest in pristine stones that would beautify their home or workspaces.