Collaterals Created:

Brand Identity Design (Logo)

The Challenge:

Rafson is an advanced cosmetic dentist clinic that believes in bringing art to dentistry. Our challenge was to design a logo that would look simple yet distinct and portray that the brand provides all-around dental care.

Our Approach:

Our first concept was a typographic play on the brand name where the layout formed a toothbrush. But, the second approach was more straightforward and shed light on one of the specialities of this clinic- smile fixing. The logo was finally represented in the form of braces.

What we Delivered:

We used the colour peach to add some freshness and a sense of playfulness. With regards to the brand, this represents healthy gums. We created several mock-ups including visiting cards, signages, posters and merchandise.

The Result:

Our approach to this logo was to give the brand a more wholesome look. We wanted to try something a little different because most dental brands portrayed a tooth or a smile. The braces here not only directly advertise their dental procedures but also represent structure and progress.